The Story of a Legend - Jack Hamm

The Famous Jack Hammer Himself

The Famous Jack Hammer Himself

Jack Hamm learned the secret to golf and long-driving during a visionquest. As a 16 year-old boy, Jack traveled to the darkest reaches of Asia, where he sought truth, purpose, and the answer to one question: how do you hit a golf ball 500 yards?

His journey took him to the Himalayas, where he engaged in a death-match with a 200 year old Yeti. After Jack defeated the Yeti with a rear naked choke, the Dali Lama gave him a ring of power, and told him to seek out the Shao Lin monks for training.

It is during his time learning the Shao Lin way that Jack got a glimpse of the secret to power. His Master, Wong Drive, teed up a ball and struck a shot 200, maybe 210 with an 9 iron. He told Jack he must focus his qi, or "chi", and breathe through his eyes to focus his power on the ball. Jack, now able to breathe through his eyes and hold that breath for 5 minutes, traveled back to the US to show the world his long-driving skills.

He saves us the trip to Asia by making fantastic products like the Hammer driver and Longball golf balls available for purchase. Jack holds numerous long drive records, can reverse dunk an 11 foot basketball goal, run a 4.0 40 yard dash, bench press 450, is fluent in German, Spanish, Zulu, and 5 Chinese dialects, and during the full moon can levitate...

Later that night, had dinner with the world's most interesting man and told him to get a life.


  • 1st place Team (Tom's Champs) - (Team Skene) Jason Skene, Matt Gillespie, Ryan Dowling, Jake King

  • 1st place MVP (The Cinderella Story) - Matt Gillespie

  • Closest to pin on #11 (Sharp Shooter) - Al Hartman

  • Longest Putt on #18 (Drain Pipe Tom) - John Pluta

  • Long Drive on #5 (Jack Hamm Grip & Rip) - Jay Dobson

  • Last place Team (Spiritual Warriors) - (Team Doster) John Doster, James Doster, Tim Powers, Justin Johnson


  • MVP - Jason Skene

  • Long Drive (Grip N' Rip) -  Aaron Bolin

  • Closest to Pin (Sharp Shooter)  -  Tim Kaniewski 

  • Longest Putt (Drain Pipe Tom)  -  Larry Catanzarite



  • MVP - David Kanczuzewski

  • Long Drive (Grip N' Rip) -  Reg Gardini

  • Closest to Pin (Sharp Shooter)  -  Chris Brickley

  • Longest Putt (Drain Pipe Tom)  -  Tim McKinnies 



  • Long Drive  -  Ryan Gardini

  • Closest to Pin (Sharp Shooter)  -  Al Hartman

  • Longest Putt (Drain Pipe Tom)  -  Ryan Skene



  • Long Drive  -  Steve Ziolkowski

  • Closest to Pin (Sharp Shooter)  -  Chris Brickley

  • Longest Putt (Drain Pipe Tom)  -  Jay Dobson


  • Long Drive  -  Mary Spillane

  • Closest to Pin (Sharp Shooter)  -  Nick Davey



  • Long Drive -  Peter Rienks

  • Closest to Pin  -  Tom Hirshler