The Story

The Tom's 4 Club golf outing and tournament started in 2011. It started in honor and after the passing of Tom Kanczuzewski. Tom was a South Bend, Indiana native, and entrepreneur.  He contributed to many organizations throughout his years. The values Tom lived by are now passed on to his family and friends. Some of those values include enjoying the beauty of nature, preservation, sustainability, being spontaneous, adventurous, taking risks, promoting solutions, giving to others, and simply making the world a better place and loving all of its creatures.

The Mission

We wanted to make this outing unique and different, so the idea came up to use only 4 clubs in the bag instead of the regulation 14 clubs. This year we are changing it up and making it a big cup, the size of a folgers coffee can in Tom's honor. It definitely mixes things up to say the least, but that is the beauty of it. Only using 4 clubs can be tough and changes your strategy, but hey..that is with it and try your hardest. Oh, and sometimes we do this late in the year and weather sucks, so put your muddin' pants on and suck it up butter cup. The format changes every year to spice things up, and we usually have net and gross, and last place winners to keep it fair for all levels of golfers. Tom's 4 club raises money for NAMI, AFSP,  and several other Nature and Environmental organizations. It is great to have fun, while also giving back. Go to the Pay Now tab to pay for yourself or your group for this years outing. Also, see the Take Action tab at the top right, there you will find links to NAMI and AFSP and you can donate there too!  Thanks for your support and keep truckin!

Over $23,300 has been raised since 2011 (Through the Tom’s 4 Club golf outing only)

and all funds going to NAMI, AFSP, and SJCPARKS

Promote the Solution & Keep the Spirit!